Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yitzchak & Rivkah

Pertaining to Parashah Chayei Sarah:
Gen. 23:1-25:18; 1 Kings 1:1-1:31; Matt. 1:1-17

We had a lot of fun with this parashah. I really like the weekly coloring pages from for each parashah (pictured at left). My daughter loves to color every day, several times a day, so I just tell her a little about the story while I help her color the pages in.

I discovered some really cute and fun to make "Bible friends" here:
They are intended as stand-up dolls, but I made them into magnets for our refrigerator. Magnets will last longer with a toddler too, and she loves them! On the website, you go to "print your own" friends, and then you can print out all kinds of hairstyles, clothes, and accessories for them. These are all Biblical, so the dress is modest and cute, and there are endless possibilities for using these to teach small children. Older children would have fun designing their own as well. I dressed Yitzhak and Rivkah and then allowed Elli to color them with markers. Here are their before and after shots:
Yitzhak & Rikvah

We also used some toy camels and other animals to reenact how Rivkah watered the camels for Avraham's servant. (It's even more fun when you use real water!) Because this is such an amazing and miraculous story of a man being given a wife, it is good to talk about marriage (and arranged marriages with older children), show wedding photos, and dress up as "brides" and "grooms."

We also talked about the letter "D" and looked for the color "yellow." I am amazed that my daughter (who turns two next week) is learning the alphabet song just because I sing it to her fairly often. She has an incredible memory, and we have started leaving the words out of story books and she fills them in as we read. As a first time mom, that is so exciting for me, because I know that soon she will be memorizing the Word of G-d!

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