Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a covenant they can see..

Noah's Ark
Pertaining to parashah Noach:
Gen. 6:9- 11:32; Isaiah 54:1-55:1; Matt. 24:36-46

Well, this has been a really fun week with Parasha Noach! There are so many ideas out there for teaching about "Noah's Ark," that it's almost challenging to chose what you will use this time around.

My daughter thinks that being "on the computer" is just the greatest thing, so I found videos pertaining to Noach on http://www.youtube.com/. If you search for "noah floating zoo" there, you will find these short little videos of Noah and some video montages of different animals set to music. It's definitely for babies and toddlers. The website listed was http://www.solomonsnursery.com/ but I was unable to get on it. I suppose it doesn't exist anymore. My daughter loved the videos and asked to watch them every day!

We also built an ark out of a paper plate (at left) and painted it brown, our color for this week. After it was dry, I filled the ark by serving a snack of animal crackers, goldfish, and teddy grahams inside it. Messy, but worth it. We colored a picture: http://beginnersbible.com//includes/files/base/documents/bb-Coloring-NoahandArk.pdf. This website also has a "read together" sheet for Noach. You can find it here:
http://beginnersbible.com//includes/files/base/documents/bb-ReadTogether-Noah.pdf or you can make your own by drawing in pictures in place of some of the words. My daughter enjoyed "reading" this with me.

In addition to talking about Noah and the Ark, we have also talked about rainbows, since they are a sign of the covenant that G-d made with the earth after the Flood. Rainbows are wonderful because they are a covenant that little eyes can see. We glued some colored paper and some cotton balls to a sheet of paper for a rainbow and a cloud, taken from Genesis 9:13, our verse this week. This week is also for introducing the letter "B," so we will find animals that start with "B" on the Ark. 

At http://ministry-to-children.com/noah-preschool-bible-lesson/ there are lesson ideas and even songs to sing about Noah for preschoolers (ages 2-5). The website also offers lessons for older children. We also used toy animals (even in the bathtub, where the "Ark" was a plastic bowl) to learn about this parasha.
There are countless possibilities for teaching this parasha because it has become such a popular portion of Scripture, so have fun with it!
coloring while watching Noah video

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